Show your Heart some Love with Family Health Habits

May the candy hearts and cupids of Valentine’s Day remind us that our literal hearts need some love too.

Our hearts give us so much – so let’s give them some love in return! Use this month to check in on your cardiovascular health and cultivate habits to nourish your heart for years to come.

When we instill healthy habits and model self-love, we demonstrate to our children how to treat their hearts right. Getting hearts pumping with exercise, feeding them wholesome foods, and managing stress levels – these are all expressions of love. The affection between parents and children can blossom even more deeply when we care for our innermost selves.

Involve Kids in Heart-Pumping Exercise

Physical activity strengthens the heart muscle and cardiovascular system. Make exercise fun for the whole family by taking walks, bike rides, hiking, or playing active games together. Let kids choose heart-pumping activities they enjoy.

Cook Nutritious Meals Together

A diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains supports heart health. Get kids involved in preparing delicious, balanced meals. Let them help pick out heart-healthy ingredients and assist with meal prep.

Reduce Stress Through Mind-Body Practices

Chronic stress is hard on the heart for both adults and children. Try yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or massage as a family to lower stress levels and boost relaxation. Sticking to consistent bedtime routines also reduces anxiety.

Schedule Routine Wellness Check-ups

Regular doctor’s visits allow you to discuss heart concerns and get important screenings like cholesterol, blood pressure, and EKGs. Make sure kids are up-to-date with checkups and vaccinations too.

Talk Openly About All Emotions

Bottling up emotions negatively affects cardiovascular health. Create an open environment for kids to discuss feelings. Actively listen when they express sadness, anger, worry, or other emotions.

Lead by Example in Taking Care of Your Heart

Model other heart-healthy habits like getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, taking medication as prescribed, and limiting alcohol. Your commitment will motivate kids more than words.

February is the perfect month to check in and make sure we are supporting strong hearts. Show your heart some love this February by making sustainable, heart-healthy changes as a family. Focus on consistency, not perfection. Your hearts give you so much – give them care in return!