Meet Charity & Serenyty…

Charity was determined her daughter would thrive.

Serenyty was born only 23 weeks into Charity’s pregnancy, weighing barely one pound. Referred to the TEACUP Preemie Program® when Serenyty was 10 days old, Charity began receiving support to deal with the overwhelming and emotionally devastating experience of her daughter’s premature birth. Charity received individual guidance and group support from TEACUP® throughout her baby’s lengthy NICU hospitalization, at times when her survival was uncertain. Due to her grave situation, Serenyty was transferred to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami (80 miles away from home) where she remained for almost 5 months. Despite the distance, Charity found a way to attend the TEACUP® monthly support groups at Wellington Regional Medical Center where her daughter was born because she found comfort in connecting with other NICU parents.

Now that Serenyty is finally home, TEACUP® continues to provide Charity with emotional support, guidance, and access to local resources, baby care items, and specialty preemie nutritional supplements.