Meet Lili, Adam, & Zeke. . .

Lili and Adam struggled to adapt to their new life as preemie parents

Zeke was born prematurely at 29 weeks and spent his first two months of life in the hospital NICU. Once home, Lili & Adam were hesitant to touch their baby.

Baby Zeke’s parents enrolled in the TEACUP Preemie Program® soon after his premature birth. When Zeke finally came home at 8 weeks old, Lili and Adam struggled to adapt to their new normal and to a baby who did not seem to like being touched or held.

Through TEACUP®, they learned FirstPlay®, an infant play therapy model that fosters attachment and bonding through storytelling and gentle massage. Lili’s first touch to Zeke brought a smile to his face and he locked eyes with her. Adam and Lili engage in First Play® with Zeke every day and credit it with helping them reach a new level of confidence as new parents, and for establishing a foundation for a beautiful nurturing family relationship.