Meet Monica & Zoe. . .

Baby Zoey seemed so fragile to new mom, Monica

24 weeks into Monica’s pregnancy, she developed the life-threatening HELPP syndrome, causing Baby Zoe to be born via emergency c-section, weighing just over one pound. Zoe spent nearly 100 days in NICU before she was stable enough to go home.

When baby Zoe came home from the hospital, she seemed so tiny and fragile. Monica was deeply in love, but felt an anxiety that many new parents can relate to. She was afraid that somehow she could hurt her baby with her touch. She didn’t even think to play with her… she was too small and new! Despite her fears, Monica lovingly (and nervously) cared for Baby Zoe day and night.

It wasn’t until Monica was introduced to FirstPlay® through The Children’s Healing Institute’s TEACUP Preemie Program® that her fears were dissolved and she gained comfort in hands-on play with her newborn. Monica and Zoe found a joy in their relationship and a deeper bond. Monica has expressed that through FirstPlay®, she no longer feels afraid to touch her baby and enjoys a playful and tender bond with her. Zoe reaps the benefits of the daily program with deeper sleep, better digestion and elimination, and a happy, loving parent. Monica credits The Children’s Healing Institute for bringing these gifts of FirstPlay® into their lives.