Meet Rebecca & Amelia

Rebecca grieved for her baby Olivia as she celebrated Amelia’s life

Rebecca made it to 33 weeks of pregnancy before going into labor. It was a joyful, yet bittersweet and frightening time for Rebecca and her partner, Jonathan after losing baby Olivia, also a preemie, only a year earlier at 8 days old. Baby Amelia, weighing a healthy 6 pounds at birth, faced a month-long NICU stay before coming home.

Once she was home, our TEACUP® Coordinator recommended FirstPlay® for Rebecca to reinforce her attachment and bonding with baby Amelia, especially considering the emotional year they had experienced. Through the initial session, Rebecca felt Baby Olivia’s presence as she learned the loving strokes and story with Baby Amelia, and our coordinator encouraged her to feel that connection.

Through the routine of storytelling and touch, Rebecca and Amelia experienced a tender, joyful, and nurturing time together. FirstPlay® gave this mom a sweet and playful way to engage with her baby, while providing an important connection to Olivia’s memory.

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