Meet Amanda and Justin…

Amanda and her son await a miracle.

12 years old, and on the autism spectrum, Justin is in need of a heart transplant. Referred for services after she contacted the Department of Children and Families (DCF) for help, Amanda - a mother of 4 - started working with her Parent Aide to deal with the stresses and challenges that were overwhelming her.

Amanda’s husband has an inoperable brain tumor and has been hospitalized multiple times for other health issues including a bone infection and pneumonia. Her 12-year old son, Justin, has had three heart surgeries and is awaiting a heart transplant to save his life.

Amanda meets weekly with her Parent Aide, Natalie, who helps her navigate a complex schedule of medical appointments, cope with the emotional stress of her son’s life-threatening disease and husband’s health issues, and improve relationships and communication with all four of her children.